The Top 100

Our Top 100 quality ciders and perries will be updated monthly. These drinks have been selected and rated as the result of a complex tasting and scoring system.

1OliversFine Perry (Rolling Blend)
2Pilton CiderFox Dog Cat
3OliversMed Season2018
4HenneysDry Cider
5DunkertonsVintage Medium Dry Organic
6Meon ValleyDragonflyTaster’s Favourite
7ArtistrawShe Loves Shrew
8ArtistrawKilvert’s Choice
9Bushel & PecksThe Gribble
10Simons CiderBrowns MD
11Simons CiderDabinett
12Smith Hayne Cider2018 Vintage Special Reserve
13ArtistrawSu. Homesick Shrews
14Pilton CiderTamoshantaTaster’s Favourite
15GwatkinCloudy Cider Med Sweet
16Meon ValleyChalk Stream
17CranesBlueberries and AppleBest ‘fruit’ cider
18OliversGold Rush #8
19Cornish Orchards GoldTasters’ Favourite session Cider
20Oliversfine perry#6 2019
21Once Upon a TreeMedium
22HarrysDabinettTasters’ Favourite SV
23Pilton CiderPomme Pomme
24Little PomonaTable Cider
25DuddasPerryTaster’s Favourite
26SkyborryPommage 2019Taster’s Favourite
27Ross on WyeMajor SV Oak BarrelledTaster’s Favourite
28Gwynt y DdraigDabinett
30GalipetteBrutTaster’s Favourite
31Ross on WyeBirdbarker
32Purbeck CiderForgotten Orchards Garden Mint Cider
33Ross on WyeRaison D’etre
35GwatkinNo Bull
36ArtistrawWoodseaves Oak Apples 2019
39Bushel & PecksFourfer
40OliversFine Cider rolling blend 2019
43ArtistrawAcross the Shrewniverse
44Angry OrchardHard Cider
45Chaplin & Cork’s Somerset Vintage2018 vintage 
46Ross on WyeBalls Bittersweet SV
47LilleysBee Sting
49Simons CiderVice Versa
50Ross on WyeThorn Single Variety PerryTaster’s Favourite Dry perry
51Meon ValleyBrown Trout
52HealeysRattler Original
53SheppysCloudy Original
54Brutes Group HugGroup Hug
55Tutts ClumpRoyal Berkshire
56LilleysApple & Pears
57Colcombe HouseThe Rouge
58Temple CiderKingston Black
59Inch’sMedium Apple Cider
60Apple County Cider Co.Vilberie
61Sam’s CiderPoundhouse Crisp
62HealeysCornish Gold
63DuddasBone Dry
64Ross on WyeWhite Norman
65GwatkinGame Cock Sweet Cider
66RossRed Pear SVP
67DuddasSalted Caramel
68Temple CiderWhiskey Barrel Aged
69Temple CiderMilos Magic
71CWM MaddocNat Sp. Cider
72ThornboroughBrut Cider
74Henry WestonsCloudy Medium Dry
75Blue BarrelClifton Beauty
76Simons CiderBarton Perry
80Chaplin & Cork’s Somerset ReserveSomerset Vintage
81Ross on WyeFoxwhelpMost challenging cider
82NightingaleHoppy Cox
84Henry WestonsVintage Rose
85Crumpton OaksApple Cider
86Simons CiderEast Meets West
87LilleysCrazy Goat
88Little PomonaNetherwood Reserve
89WoodreddingSweet Celebration
90Cranbourne Chase CiderThe Whitewigs
91Sam’s CiderCloudy Crush
92SxollieGolden Delicious
93SxollieGranny Smith
94OliversFine Dry 2018
96Black DragonTraditional Farmhouse
97DuddasSweet Apple
98Orchard PigReveller
99Bushel & PecksThe Colonel
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