Angioletti – Rose Craft Italian Cider – Reviewed

Producer: Angioletti
Cider Name: Angioletti Rose Craft Italian Cider
Region: Dolomites, Italy
ABV: 4%
Taste: Sweet, Fruity
Served: 500ml Bottle Chilled
Smell: Sweet Apple and Forest Fruits
Colour: Salmon Pink
Clarity: Clear
Carbonation: Slightly Sparkling
Award Category: Fruit and Innovations Cider

Review/Tasting Notes

“Fine bubbles: delicate salmon-pink colour, aromas of fresh apple with hints of wild strawberries are followed by complex refreshing flavours of orchard and forest fruits.  The aftertaste is long, clean, fresh with a hint of creaminess.”

An aroma of sweet, creamy, fruit swirls around the glass giving a clear indication of the taste to come.  When the taste arrives, it is of instant, sweet, juicy apples with the faint, though noticeable, wild strawberry creaminess coming through on the roof of the mouth.  This creamy sweetness though soon fades which is a shame as this is a different take on fruit ciders.  Angioletti Rose Craft offers a much more complex and refined taste compared to many fruit ciders. The Charmat Method of production provides the luxury prosecco style bubbles.


Unlike the rose that does not lose its thorn, this ‘rose’ cider loses its sweet, creamy, well-structured taste a little too soon.  However, for the time the taste does linger, this is a real treat of a cider – providing a unique take on sweet fruit cider.

Rating: This is a good cider (Fruit and Innovations Cider)

Ranking: To be announced (01/07/2021)

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