Temple Cider – Kingston Black – Reviewed

Producer: Temple Cider https://www.templecider.co.uk/
Cider Name: Kingston Black
Region: Dorset, Uk
ABV: 7.5%
Taste: Smooth and Earthy, Fiery clove and Bitter Orange
Served: 500ml bottle (Room temperature)
Smell: Earthy, Spice, Oak
Colour: Light Amber
Clarity: Clear
Carbonation: Still
Award Category: Craft Cider SV(Single Variety)

Review / Tasting notes

“Our single variety Kingston Black cider is simply special as it is a true single variety with no other apples involved. A true classic among ciders, being dry and delicious, the Kingston Black is our strongest cider. We love it!”

The quality of this single variety craft cider is evident from the moment it is poured. Light amber in colour and beautifully still, this is a statement that nothing will be coming between the reassuringly natural fermentation process and the taster’s palates.

The apple aroma has a distinct earthiness to it and a hint of spice. It is pleasant and congruent with the taste to follow.

The upfront brush of sweetness gives way quickly to a complex range of flavours. Fiery spice, clove and cinnamon balance well with the subtle bitter orange notes present. The bitter-sharp Kingston Black quite rightly takes centre stage, and this vintage is softly bitter with lashings of tannic presence.

Verdict: This is a smooth craft cider of noteworthy quality. Blessed with subtle flavours and a fiery underbelly of spice that lingers a while on the palate, this is a fine example of all that a single variety cider has to offer.

Rating: Cider of Merit (Craft Cider SV)

Ranking: To be announced (01/07/2021)

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