Dudda’s Tun – Greenhorn – Reviewed

Producer: Dudda’s Tun https://duddastuncider.com/
Cider Name: Greenhorn
Region: Kent, Uk
ABV: 5.2%
Taste: Crisp green apple
Served: 500ml bottle (chilled)
Smell: Fresh
Colour: Clear, pale gold
Clarity: Clear
Carbonation: Lightly Sparkling

Review / Tasting notes

“A lightly sparkling medium cider, with crisp and refreshing green undertones”

Refreshingly understated, Greenhorn places the green apple front and centre. Low in Tannins and acidity. it’s fair to say that there is not much going on here to excite the tasters. What Greenhorn lacks in complexity, it makes up for in balance. Upfront sweetness is replaced with a medium dryness and crisp mouthfeel.

Verdict: Refreshingly simple. A crisp cider that places green apples at the forefront. Not a high scorer and unlikely to threaten the Top 100. Well balanced.

Rating: 6.1

Ranking: To be announced (01/07/2021)

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